This depends on the size of the job and your specific flooring needs, however normally between 3-5 days.

Before our team arrive, make sure your floor is free from any debris and furniture. Solvents in coatings can be dangerous so remove any plants or uncovered food and keep pets away from the area.

We recommend you do not walk on your floor for at least 24 hours after it has been polished. You should wait a few days before placing furniture, however we understand this is not always practical. We recommend waiting at least 48 hours. and when moving furniture, be careful to lift and not drag across the floor.

Keep your floors clean by sweeping them regularly. Use a static mop to get rid of any excess particles. Do not use abrasive floor cleaners as this could damage your floor.

Sanding the wooden floor before the kitchen installation is advisable as it is best that our floor sanding equipment avoid sanding up to the new kick board as the machinery can mark the cabinetry. elite flooring prefer to sand and polish the wooden floor and apply some of the finishing coats before the kitchen is installed.

Before work begins you should also make sure all air conditioning systems are turned off 24 hours before and fireplaces and vents are sealed to prevent dust getting into the room and let us know if you have been using any insect aerosols as these can react with the floor finishings.

Epoxy filler resin and water based wood filler are options as floor fillers. The team will try to fill as many holes and cracks as possible but you should remember that filled areas may look different to the natural wood once finished. It is particularly difficult to match epoxy and is often darker than the floor. It can be hard to fill cracks between floorboards as wood can shrink and expand with climatic conditions and the filler could fall out.